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Debugger: "Value malformed"


I am attempting to debug a procedure. Each step results in an error message in the Output:

Value malformed

Then focus is transferred…somewhere. So I mouse click back to the current step in the procedure, press F7 or F8 (which raises error), then mouse click back to the current step, press F7/F8 (which raises error), etc. The message doesn’t seem to affect anything as each step completes successfully.

Does anyone know what causes this? (Running 6.7 on Windows XP64)

I’ve attached a screenshot.

Navigator - Value malformed.ppt (186 KB)

Hi danfromAR,

I suspect that this message comes from the Watches tab. Did you define all your watches correctly? If there’s one that’s suspect, could you remove it and try again?


Hi Roman,

The watches don’t seem to affect the behavior. If I debug with no watches, the same thing happens. What it seems dependent on is the complexity of the procedure. For simple procedures it works fine. For larger procedures that have numerous sub-procedures within them it does the ‘value malformed’ thing.


Can you point out what’s special about the procedures that cause this behaviour? I suspect that they have some local variables of types that other procedures don’t have. The message might be coming from the Locals tab - it’s updated automatically as you trace through a procedure. Can you send us the source of a procedure that causes the message to appear?

Sorry Roman, I haven’t time to research. Let’s just close this thread. I’ll be migrating to Windows 7 this week and it’s not an issue on that OS.

Thanks for you help!