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Default Pen Width is not changable for Physical Model


This is not a big issue but it is not working as it supposed to be.

Click the menu Settings then Options, then choose Model=>Physical Model on the left-hand windows, then select the tab Workspace. The value of Pen Width won’t change if you click the up/down arrow. Even if you type a value in and save it by click Apply and OK and open the Option window again, it is back to 1.

I noticed that I could change the Pen Width on the WS using the Format window though.

By the way it seems the Default DataType setting for Oracle 10g can’t be saved, e.g. I specify the Default Data Type to Varchar2(%p1 %p2) and click Apply and OK. But when I open it again, the Default Data Type is blank.



Thanks for your bug notification.

Pen Width - CR # 60 138.
Default Data Type - CR # 60 139.

We will fix them.

Thanks again for your great co-operation!