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Default Schema not available

Whenever I try to optimize a statement, I get the error: Default Schema not available.

What causes this and how do I resolve it?

Hi John_093,

Thank you for interest in our product.

Did you connect to your SQL Server using Windows Authentication? If yes, does your login belong to a Windows Group?


I have the same problem “Default Schema not available”

All my users use windows authentication to login.

Hi george.mamvura_406,

If your users belong to a windows group and you just added the group to be a SQL Server login, then it is a known issue and logged in the Release Notes.

There are 2 workarounds for the issue.

**1. Connect to the SQL Server with a login who has permission to create a user, and use the following script to create a user login (replace domainname\username with your NT login).

USE [yourdbname]


CREATE USER [domainman\username] FOR LOGIN [domainname\username] WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA=[dbo]


After the above is created, connect to the database using Windows Authentication to use SQL Optimizer.

2. Contact your Database Administrator to directly add your domainuser as a login.

What is the version of your SQL Server?

MS SQL Server feedback forumn also mentioned this problem.

SQL Server 2012 seems to have fixed the problem. When you connect to SQL Server 2012, there is no such problem.