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Defining an object as the Argument in an outcome.


I have a procedure I am tryign to test which accepts a collection type as the IN parameter and outputs an Object Type as the OUT parameter.

I create my test case input, btu when it comes to defining my outcome - there are no options available for my object type - not allowing me to specify a Test Type causes an error when saving the test obviously. how do I define a test type and expected results for an Argument of type Object please?




My deepest apologies for not replying sooner. I thought I had a watch on all forums, but apparently not.

So…the answer is that you cannot (yet) directly test the attributes of an object type, but you can create an Expression test to get the job done.

I just uploaded a document that should help you see how to do this:!default.jspa?categoryID=138&externalID=2439

Regards, SF