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Deleting tests for previously deleted stored procedures


I created a set of tests to test a package. Subsequently one of the stored procedures in that package was deleted. I deleted all of the corresponding tests in CodeTester using the Test Builder. I am now “stuck”, in that the generated code still references the deleted tests, but the stored procedure no longer appears in the drop-down box, and I see no way to remove the undesired tests.

Any/all assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Please open the Test Editor and make sure that all tests for that UNIT have been removed. The name of the deleted program should not appear in the browser. If it does not, then the newly generated test code definitely should NOT call that program. If you are still having a problem, please open an issue with Quest Support and include a support bundle for that package, along with a screen shot of the test editor showing that the deleted program does not appear.


I did as suggested, as there were still errors. I attempted to re-compile and re-generate the test code, and that failed. Finally, someone suggested I make a minor modification to an existing test (adding then deleting a space) then run the test. That seemed to force the re-compile and re-generation. This item can be closed.

Thank you again for all of your assistance and patience!


Ah…That’s interesting - and troubling. It should have already HAD a change in it, forcing a regen and recompile, so I really don’t understand why you had to make a “phony” change to trigger that. Hmmmm. Well, I am certainly glad you got past that point!