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DellBF fail immediately: Error obtaining max(t_id) from E_TRADE



I am trying to start DellBF, but fail immediately: Error obtaining max(t_id) from E_TRADE

Manually running:

FROM [Test-BF].[dbo].[E_TRADE];

Works great

Any idea what can be the problem?

DB: MsSql

Complete Dell-BF message is:

Job Started
Started test TPC-E Transaction Mix
Checking scale factor…
The loaded scale factor(0) doesn’t match the specified scale factor (1) for the TPC-E benchmark.
Scale factor check complete.
Agent(WIN-47G9THU8OBD) Error: Error obtaining max(t_id) from E_TRADE. Transaction “TradeUpdate Transaction” run failed by virtual user 38 in agent 2 of WIN-47G9THU8OBD


A couple of questions/comments;

  • When you run the SELECT statement what is the result for the max(T_ID)?
  • How many rows are in the E_TRADE table? I am concerned about the line in the output of …loaded scale factor(0)…
  • At what userload are you running the TPC-E test?
  • You may also want to look at the Agent error log files for additional error information.


I found the issue - ODBC data source was configured with wrong db name, once configured with the correct name, problem was solved.



Glad you found the issue. Happy testing!