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DESC over database link



When I try to “describe” a table over a database link (e.g. as user scott: DESC dual@alink), I get the error:

Oracle Dictionary: DATABASE LINK SCOTT.alink not found


Hi Dominique,

This bug will be fixed soon. Please check it in our next beta release. Thanks.



Still present in 1478…


It seems to work fine in our internal build. Have you tried in SQL Plus to check if the dblink is ok?




When I select over the link, all is OK (see screenshot).
It’s not just this one link that fails when requesting a “describe”, BTW. They all do. And they succeed in SQL*Plus…


Is it a public synonym, Dominique? I can reproduce the issue with a public synonym so hopefully it’s the underlying cause for you as well.



DUAL is (of course) a public synonym.
All the tables I tested at the remote databases also have a public synonym.

So, I have created a table at a remote database without a public synonym, but a describe of it over a link still fails (and a select from it works).

The database links themselves are public database links.


Thanks for the info. This fix will be available in the next beta release.



Fixed in SQL Navigator 6.2 Beta Build 1486. Thx!


Great to hear!