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Describe Tab


I can’t get the Describe tab in the toolbox to do anything. What’s the trick?



The drop down list inside the toolbox is supposed to display tables, views, indexes in your database.
You can see that if you click on the drop down list, nothing get displayed. The reason is to avoid the case when your schema contains too many tables, views, indexes that SQL Nav is slowed down. TO display the list, simply put the cursor in the box and press Enter. You can also filter out the objects using wildcard. for example, type “tab%” and press enter to display tables with names starting with “tab”. After that, simply select the table to display the details


Got it. thanks.


say, when you size the describe panel down small, you need to move the drop down to stay visible. Otherwise I have to resize every time I want to use the describe.


It’s a valid point. I will put it down as an enhancement request.



Hey, what about allowing drag and drop onto the describe toolbox window? As it is now, the only objects you can display are in your schema although it does seem to sense what objects you’re working with.



Maybe 6.1??? :smiley:


Ok, I tried “playing” with this and when I type in a name I get the attached popup. If I leave the output window up I can type the table name, but if I [x] the popup, as soon as I start typing I get it again. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks. (Truly enjoying this new version a lot…)


Also would it be somehow able to use DBA/All tables instead of user tables (based on the View–> Preferences|| General --> Session–> Enable Using DBA Dictionary Views setting)? As a developer my login very rarely owns the tables I am working with.



Hi Dale,

You are right, DB Explorer doesn’t yet use the DBA views. This will be implemented in the GA build.