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difference no working in 7.0 beta 2876



when trying to diff between lowercase schema.UPPERCASE_OBJECT_NAME the difference viewer can’t find the target schema which is UPPERCASE.

We have never had to worry about case when diff objects before. Can you remove this requirement?



Thanks for your post.

we are trying to solve your problem, would you like to explan more about the the difference viewer can’t find the target schema which is UPPERCASE? what do you mean for this?

i have also attach image which is how to view different between the lowercase schema.UPPERCASE_OBJECT_NAME and UPPERCASE schema.

Please let me know if you have any issues after you try.

Many thanks,


Select an object to compare.

right click => view differences
double click on the object name and paste into memory.

type at the bottom of the difference viewer to enter the object you want to compare to.
Enter lowercase schema. paste in the object name selected in 2nd step.

hit return


Hi Henry

After further testing, we understand your issue now.
You are correct the behavior is different to 6.7.
Seems we look for the object name entered in the case entered, rather than treating it as uppercase.

Our developers will look at this further we will provide a solution soon.



Hi Henry,

We have fixed this issue already, you will see the changes in the next drop.

In the new change, you don’t have to worry about case anymore in view dif.

If you enter manually without double quotes, it will look for the objects with upper case no matter what case you type in.

If you need to view dif for objects with lowercase/mixcase/un​icode name, then double quotes is required.