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difference viewer cuts off difference


For some reason the difference viewer is not showing all differences when we compare packages or procedures in the new 7.0. This is very critical for us and we need to know your looking into this.

Some of our packages are very large over 5k lines of code. But the diff viewer seems to stop working someplace around 4500 lines of code. I am not certain as to the direct cause and effect of this issue.


I am having other issues with the difference viewer - this time the difference viewer did not detect any changes in 7.0. But my developer had lots of changes. I have the proof and would like to send to quest.


Hi Henry,

We were looking at this issue yesterday, but haven’t got a chance to reproduce it yet in v7.0, we are still trying, if you could send us some more details that would be great.

My email address:




Hi Henry,

Thank you for your feedback and your email details.

We raised issue [tag:SQLNAV]-1419 for this view difference problem, will let you know once we get any progress with it.

Thanks and Regards,



This is a critical need for us especially as it shows no differences after some quantity of lines rather than alerting that it exceeded a maximum number of lines. This could easily result in lost work due to overwriting a package perceived to be no different. I was comparing a 4719 line package body in production to a 5008 line package body in development and the difference viewer reports there are no differences!

Is there any update on issue #SQLNAV-1419? (I’m running SQLNav on Windows 7 64 bit with a 32 bit Oracle 12c client ( connecting to an 11g database ( Please let me know what other info would be useful to nail this one down.


Hi Mark,

This issue has been fixed in the latest v7.1 beta. You can download it from:

Feel free to add comments if you still have any problems.




Perfect. Thanks Vincent. I’ll give it a try.


I did try the same package in the beta5 and can confirm it did see the differences and the additional 289 lines.