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Difference viewer



So I noticed something like :

Difference viewer marks as difference (red colour) something like this:

pls_integer; and pls_integer ; (space before “;”)

Check this.

Regards Piter


Hello Piter,

SQL Navigator Difference Viewer compares and displays all/any changes including spaces. Your example below, in my opion the #Viewer functions as expected. I have checked the version controls we currently use here (StarTeam and SourceSafe), #viewer in these tools behaves in the same way as the one we currently have in SQL Nav.
I personally when doing the compare our code changes in the history, I would like to see all changes/differences in cluding spaces…

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Bruce
You are right, but i was talking about: colouring differences, when difference does not change sesne of code - colour is blue. When this is difference in meanning of code - color is RED.
For example when you have:
varchar2(1); and varchar2(1) ; -color is blue
pls_integer; and pls_integer ; -color is RED


Wait a moment. I have that situation in one package, so must find why


Ok watch attachement. I forgot about spaces afther variables… (30.5 KB)


Hi Piter,

Thanks for sending in the sample file.

I forgot there are a number of preferences for the compare, under Preference->Difference Viewer…

I turn on the show spaces option and could see that in the Test2-ddl there are extra space, that is the difference and it show as red…

a~pls_integer; a~~pls_integer ;

Can you please have the look at the preferences and check it again…

I think we might also have some issues with some of the preferences under Define Minor Difference. I will check with the team and get back to you with more info later.



Hi Bruce!
Exactly i was talking about this. I pasted this spaces specially. But question is: Is should be marked as different text (red) or similar (blue)??

for example:
dbms_output.put_line(’’) and dbms_output.put_line(’’~)

are marked as similar.

Regards Piter.

Ech this editor formats pasted ,from sqlnav text very badly