direct connection creates a senseless long entry in project manager

See my entry here, I need most of the screen to differentiate between connections.
Should be only the entry in following form:
server:port:instance - user

Same in connection list, windows and status line.

Hi Torsten,

We agree that this is really inconvenient for the customers who’re using direct connection so this bug has been fixed in 6.2. You can get the 6.2 beta and try it out.


In the beta this looks like better, the only thing is again the project manager, as there is shown the connection different (and longer) as in windows, title and current session selector.


I will have a chat with the developer and see if we can make a quick fix.


Hi Torsten,

I asked the dev and this is her answer:
" In the Direct type page in logon form, there are “Service Name” and “SID” to choose.

So we added these in PM, it tell us which we choose when we logon. And when we reconnect from PM, it will pick up the previous selection."
I will have to raise and enhancement request to have this information hidden.


The best way should be a reference and than show the same behavior on all occurences as described.