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It would be nice to see Directories in db nav not only in sys schema. Oracle directories are always owned by SYS, but users can create them, so then it would be helpful to see directories in root level in db_nav. Extract ddl will be needed too for this.

Regards Piter


How nice??
For a simple enhancement, this would create a large testing overhead.
Are there any other users that think that thinks this would be nice??



Hi Jaime!
I don’t really understand why does it create large testing overhead. Directories workaround is already done. But when users want create directory, they’re searching my_schema node for “directories”, and can’t find it, because they don’t know that directories exists only in sys schema. So they must open all_schemas, find sys, and then directories. I think that adding “create new” and “extract ddl” options are not problemaic options because there is edit form for directories and you can alter directory (of cource by create or replace), in this situation extending this functionality should be simple.
In this way directories coud be placed at the same level as ROLES,USERS,PROFILES,TABLESACES and so on.

Regards Piter.


Hey Piter,

Talking to Sekhar yesterday, and he informs me that alterations to the DB Nav tree is never without it’s unanticipated perils…
So being QA we like to ‘err on the side of caution’

I’ve logged an enhancement CR, and we will discuss it at today’s CCB meeting!!
I’ll keep you posted…



Hi Jaime!
I’m using sqlnav almost all day, and I know whe can I find Directories, so for me it can stay in sys node. If you thing that moving that into root level could Injure Sqlnav, of course leave it! However extract ddl and creation wizard could help some users working with directories.

Regards Piter.


Hi Piter,

We have discussed and looked into the node arrangement of our SQL Nav DB tree where we are looking at to push My Schema to the first node, ie the most frequently used node should appear on top to make the workflow better…
We will take into consideration your feedback/request on directories node when we tackle this post 5.5. We will keep you posted on the progress and will certainly ask for your feedback and having you and other users to review the new structure/look of the DB Tree Nav.

Thanks and regards,