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Disable Teardown


[KD] '5. With utPLSQL I frequently am using the technique of the following snippet to avoid teardown so that I may inspect the final state (My setup calls my teardown. Also I have to do a prior utPLSQL init and run test for this to work.):

exec ut_MDMS_632.ut_setup;
exec ut_MDMS_632.ut_MDMS_632;

Is there a means to turn off teardown with Code Tester? ’

[sf] ‘5.There is no way currently to disable teardown, but teardown by default is empty, does nothing. So if you don’t want teardown to tear anythingdown, just leave it empty. Or am I missing something?’

[KD] I want to have teardown code for a unit test that I can disable ad hoc. That specific purpose is to be able to inspect final state on occasion (e.g. during development as compared to nightly build).


Ad hoc teardown:

How do you want to introduce the ad-hoc ness? During the execution of the test? Or do you simply want a checkbox to disable use of teardown, so you check the box, save and regen package, then run?

Note that you can achieve what you want now by something like this:

IF my_pkg.run_teardown ()


The latter – check box convenience