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Disable Warning - Minimum driver version not met.

I would like to disable a warning message in TOAD for Analyst (2.7) that occurs during Automated Script Process when connecting to CA-Datacom/DB using ODBC connection. The automated script works without any warning messages or problems for several steps that involve connecting to Oracle databases. However, on the 6th connection step I receive the attached message and just press continue. Message appears one more time. I press continue once more and all works as designed. This is just a warning and not a show stopper. I would like the process to run without intervention. I have tried setting automation activity settings to no avail. Thanks

TOAD Warning.png


I’m having the same issue. Did you find a solution that would allow a script to run without intervention?


This looks like an ommision on our part. This message should not display during automation. And it doesn’t look like there is any option to turn it off.

I entered CR104814 for this and will try and get this fixed by the next Beta.


That’s great news. Thanks so much!


Thank you Debbie. Look forward to software update.

Recently received our copy of TDP 3.4. Recent automated process did not encounter the “Disable Warning - Minimum driver version not met” warning message. Problem has been corrected. This saves time and watching the process. Thanks