Display the caption of a user data type in the model

We are generating Liquibase changeLogs from the TDM model. As the Liquibase XML is used against multiple database products, we are using placeholders for some datatypes in the generated XML that are replaced at runtime with the approriate type for the target DBMS.

To be able to do that in TDM, we have created some User Data Types, where the name is e.g. ${uuid_type}

The caption of that User Data Type is UUID.

However when I choose “View -> Display Mode -> Caption” the tables are still displayed with the data type name, not the caption.

Does that view mode simply not apply to User Data Types, or am I missing something?

This is the definition of the data type:

user data type.png

But even though the display level is set to “Caption” in the ER model, the name is displayed:


How can I display the caption UUID in the ER Model?

We are using TDM 6.3


option Display Mode is not designed for user data type, Domains and dictionary types at this moment. So it is not possible. But it is good idea to implement it. So I created issue TDM-4322 and I hope it will be done in version 6.5 (We are in final phase of version 6.4)…