Display visual indicator that not all columns are shown


we have some fairly large (non-normalized) tables with lots of columns.

Displaying all columns in the ER diagram would be too distracting (a lot of repeating columns that contain different levels of aggregation).

Apart from attaching a note stating “not all columns displayed” is there something that can be turned on automatically in TDM? I’m thinking about something similar like the “…” display for text in labels when not everything fits. Maybe an extra line with “more …” or something similar. Is there such an option? If not please consider this a suggestion for an enhancment.


Hi - thank you for the suggestion! I have posted this into our Idea Pond.

That would be useful. Thank you.

Request TDM-359 added to our system.

Update - this feature has been implemented in Toad Data Modeler 5.4 which is now available. Thank you for your suggestion!

Thank you. It’s a bit small, but useful nevertheless. I do like the feature that the table expands when hovering over the indicator.