do not want to use outlines...but alt shows up as outlines

hello all,

       had a question on some stuff.  I a run a long select query in tuning labs...i get about 100+ alternatives(having the re-write engine to NOT use optimizer hints)...i get about 100 rewrite....but most of them have a green dot next to it...and when i move the cursor says outline deployablee. click to deploy ..... out of those 100 rewrite 80 of them are outlines...

so my question is…how can i avoid that as we cannot deploy outlines in our env…just like the option of not using hints…is there a option that the rewrite engine do not use outlines ???

wat does the other 2 dots means ?? the vlue and silver one ??? here is the screenshot of it…please help me avoid the outlines…thanks
toad_10.5.0.33_error_log.txt (19.6 KB)


Stored outlines are not automatically created for you. The green push pin to the left of a SQL alternatives means that you most likely could deploy it as a stored outline if you were interested in doing so. The green push pin is only providing you a piece of information. Since you are not interesting in creating (deploying) a stored outline, you can ignore the push pin.

There is no feature in the program to remove the push pin from the display.


thanks Rene