Does Anyone Have Ansible Scripts for Rehydration of TIC in AWS?

We have to 'rehydrate' our AWS EC2 TIC instances every 90 days now. This means I have to delete and re-create the Windows 2012 R2 server that the TIC server sits on every 90th day. Currently the only suggested solution by our IT group is to run Ansible scripts out of git repos fired off by jenkins. Does anyone have any Ansible scripts that can do any of the following - backup the entire TIC Server and environment; backup the users/scripts/et. al.; install the TIC server from command line; restore the TIC server from backups? I don't have to have the end to end solution all at once, but any pieces would be very helpful.

We haven’t use Ansible before, so we do not have Ansible scripts to do the work. But from what I can see, you can do it with steps:
a. Backup data files for existing TIC on server A.
Run command from CMD:
Toad Intelligence Central\bin\Backup.bat <backup_location>

b. Install TIC on server B in command line without user interaction.
Run command from CMD:

c. Replace TIC data files on server B.
Run command from CMD:

    net stop ToadBIAppServer
    net stop ToadIntelligenceCentral
    net stop ToadIntelligenceCentralProxy


   net start ToadBIAppServer
   net start ToadIntelligenceCentral
   net start ToadIntelligenceCentralProxy

Then your TIC on server B should be working with backed up data files now.

Please note that in order to let all your data objects can work expectedly on server B, you should need to install all dependencies as well, including:
  • TDP client (to run automation script)
  • Driver (for remote datasource connection)
  • DSN (same as Driver)
  • Local Files (nested script file, certificate file, etc)