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Does the Tool allow me to view from an End user perspective


Hi guys, I’m new to the TOAD world and currently live in South Africa. My question is regarding any Viewer or Navigator for the tool that allows people to have a look at the model without having rights to change it? If so, where can one get hold of it because I’m currently using the trial version and need to make a decision on purchasing the tool or not.

Your help is appreciated, thanking you on advance.



Unfortunately, TDM does not have any Model Viewer where you can only view model and are not allowed to edit it.
Nevertheless, this feature is planned in some of future TDM releases. CR # 55 228. (However, not in the near future, I’m sorry.)





Thanks for the response, but just to get deeper into this matter. How would end users and business units have access to view the Model without having rights to change it. If there are feature that you can set on the tool, does this mean that if you have 20 users that you want to access and view the model, you would need to obtain 20 licenses for it?

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Hello Errol,

Thanks for your reply. Please check out your email box for more details.

Note: At the moment, Toad Data Modeler allows you to generate HTML and PDF report, print ER diagram and export it to image. Current Beta (and the upcoming full version) brings also PDF reports and XSL Transformation.

Flash movie on the current Beta where PDF report and XSL Transformation are shown:

For more details, please do not hesitate to ask me. Thanks very much.