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Dom Object Reference


Is there a reference page anywhere for manipulating the Toad Dom via Com objects? Similer to MSDN for MS Excel, Word, ect? I’ve searched the support page, general google search engine and the forum of any hints to this but to no avail. Thanks.


What DOM are you referring to? Toad is not a document (Nor does it have any specific kind of document that you can open with it).


My question is more IS there a Dom object to reference with? Im assuiming no by your post.
The reason I am wondering this is because of an issue when I query a large list of items off our DB and exports to an excel file it does not show which items where not found. So if we querry 100 items and only get 90 items back we need to be able to tell wich 10 items werent found and perhaps have a blank space where they should have gone if found or perhaps a numbering system so we can spot what items from the list werent located.
I want to build a macro that will set the focus to the window on the screen where the items found are populated and mark them with the row counter. That way the exported file would show the counter next to the item.
I don’t have much exp with this program yet but Ill be using it quite a lot in the office here soon.


No since there is no document there also is no document object model. :slight_smile:

We are investigating perhaps adding support for PowerShell in a future release which would if done give you the ability to use Toad to investigate the contents of defined connections and the database objects they contain from that and also of course execute SQL through Toad. Unfortunately there is not even any intended release for this feature so I have no idea when if ever this will actually be implemented.