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dot and the parameters list


One thing that I am missing the 6.1 version and in these version is the parameters list appearing after the dot lookup in my code.

Maybe I miss some configuration?

PS: the dot lookup in much faster in this last build (1317)…thanks!


Hi Filipe,

no parameter issue at all - unfortunately. Please see here:

Re: (more) Beta 6.2various issues from Alex
Posted: Mar 25, 2009 3:40 AM in response to: Gwen

Bug: no Parameters by using a Proc from another package.
In Navi 5.5 by typing a package name and a dot
you get the list of all functions and procedures of that package.
If you choose one the declaration is inserted with all the parameters.
In 6.x only the name is inserted.



Hi Filipe,

Did you try to enter an opening bracket after procedure name? It should drop down a list of all possible parameter lists for that procedure.



Hi Roman

I 6.0 it works like that, but in 6.1.1 and in the 6.2 Betas it doesn’t work.




Please refer to this thread for more information on dot-lookup issue.