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Dot look up


When I was testing the last version of the beta (And I can not verify it now), but I swore the dot lookup for 10G was working way better, but when I run the 6.1 version it seems to be back to what the 6.0 version was. Is it possible something didn’t get put into the build?


Hi Dale,

Could you please refer to my last post in the thread:
You might have the enable DBA option in the logon window selected for the user that does not have access to DBA view

Could you please confirm if you use the same user log-in details on the same DB when testing the last Beta?

We can confirm that there is no changes with the dot look-up in the 6.1 GA compared with the last Beta that you referred to.

Thanks and regards,


Ok, so I have enable dba_views checked and I have acces to dba_views. I seriously remember this working better towards the end of beta testing and against all the same databases I am using now. It may be a tiny slow on the non 10g, but it does work better than the 10G’s…


Thanks for letting us know, Dale.