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Dot lookup for table columns not working in Nav


I just write a simple query:

SELECT p. FROM per_all_people_f p ORDER BY person_id DESC;

And when I rewrite the dot after “SELECT p” NAV just popups a tiny window with: <p.details> and some other options with <…> but not the table columns.


Ok, then I keep clicking on the <p.details> and nothing happens - the dotted line just gets longer:



In still no workee.


Hi Martin,

That’s strange…

we can not reproduce your isse, Could you send to table DDL script to help us to reproduce?


Hi, Michael

I could not continue answering on this thread because my trial licence has expired.

Asked your support - they said that I can get a trial key only once. I didn’t quite get what they meant - only once per lifetime or what.

Anyway, they gave me a new key but I got:

“Unable to validate license key. Reason: The maximum number of trial keys have been used. Please contact a Quest sales representative to purchase the product or get a trial extension.”

Is it possible to get this extension?