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Is there any reason the dot-lookup does not work in a sub-select looking at an outside table?
SELECT a.* FROM myTable a --< it works here
WHERE b.myID = a. --<dot-lookup does not work here
– it works on the b. but not the a.



If about lookup i have sugestiion, i think it would be nice to add shortcut to trigger lookup on demand,not only after specified time. (for example ctrl+space)
I think it would be great improvement for programers.

Regards Piter.


I agree with that. But in addition, I also would like to not use the dot, and only have it on demand (e.g. ctrl+space). The first time you use your period (for each new query), there is a long pause while it gets the column info. Sometimes you don’t want the lookup, so you have to remember to keep typing or it will stop and look up.

The other thing I think would be nice is a lookup for the table name. Sometimes I know the first part of the table name, but not the whole name. It would be nice to type my_xxx <ctrl+q> and have all the tables that start with my_xxx pop up in a list.



Hi Charlie,

  • We will raise a request for you to add the Table name lookup in the future release.

  • We currently have a preference the control the Code complete: Code Editors->Code Completion->Auto Dot LookUp. If you turn this option off, the dot will not activate the lookup until you press Ctrl+Space.

  • Will have Roman getting back to you on the issue in your first post when the dot does not work.

Thanks and regards,


Dot-lookup uses a very simple parser to determine table names and their aliases, which unfortunately doesn’t work for queries with subqueries. I think, we should look at this again in the future; the parser, of course, should be more intelligent.

Speaking of the Ctrl+Space to force dot-lookup, that’s exactly how it works. I’m surprised this has been requested. Doesn’t it work for you, Piter?



Correct! It works, I didn’t know that it works and haven’t tried since now.
I apologize for needless suggestions from my.

Is this shortcut in “shortcut & function list”?? I can’t find it.

Regards Piter


Very good. I like it. I just didn’t know it existed.



It would be nice to add record type and collection type to Dot-lookup parser.

Regards Piter


It would be nice would it!!
We’d better consider it then!!
I’I’ve raised an enhancement request for you



Thanks Jaime
I can always count on you!


Hi !
Two more thing, code completion could be trigered under ctrl+space too.
And the second thing, I observed that code completion show time is counted when first letter of the word is palced, counting time shouldn’t be nulled afther each letter? When you write names slowly, sometimes code completion shows, when it shouldn’t. I thing counting time should be started afther last letter …
Of course if you have some free time for doing this…

I forgot to add, record lookup works but only for records declared before save, when I declare new record (wihout save) lookup not works.

Oh I didn’t check, so lookup works for records declared as constant record (type …)
but if record is inherited from table (table_name%rowtype) , not works.

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I’ve added your observations to the CR Piter.
We may be able to find some spare time… after 5.5 goes out
But, then again, I doubt it!! With all the work you (and Charlie) give us we will be busy for a loooong time (which is a good thing!!).



One more or lookup:
parsing non public cursors, something like:

for i in (select col from table_name) loop
a:=i. ----this type :wink:
end loop;

Regards Piter


CR has been updated…



One more thing to the lookup:
Lookup shows only procedures/functions from other packages, it would be helpfult to have in lookup list public variables and types from other packages.

Regards Piter


CR has been updated… again