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dot lookup


This is probably related to an earlier post by Pieter.

When I do a dot-lookup for column names for a table, sometimes it gets into a mode where you start typing in a letter and the list disappears (as if nothing matched). Then I do it again, type in the exact same letter, and it works.

And other times in the list I will arrow down to the name I want, press enter, and nothing gets entered.

Then another time just pressing the arrow key will make the list disappear.

This is something that has changed in this 6.0beta that used to work.



This may seem kind of weird, but it seems to mess up when I use -space to get my list. If I let it pop up automatically (after 1 second), it seems to work every time.



Hi Charlie,

There must be something funny going on with he dot lookup… if both you and Piter are experiencing similar issues.
We’ll definitely keep an eye on it, and see if we can find the problem.

One of the pieces of functionality that we have planned for a future beta build includes considerable improvements to the dot lookup functionality. Plus a slight change in its workflow. We’ll be wanting your feedback on this, when we release the beta build. More information to follow…



Yes it could be as Charlie said, that lookup triggered atomaticly afther time works fine, but triggered by clicking ctrl+space - not always…