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Dot lookup

Ok, the first time you try to use dot lookups, or table look ups in a given session. It never returns a value. You have to execute a sql statement first then it works. Or, maybe I do’nt want long enough, but it’s very annoying.

Not true for me. I just opened fresh SQLnav and the Auto-Complete works also the first time I call it.

BUT I have noticed that it doesn’t work sometimes when the previous code execution returned error though.

martin, how many objects do you have in your database? My hunch is that they are retrieving ALL the names in the entire DB.

I tested your scenario by typing a table name and then “.” to lookup table columns.

And I have 190814 objects in my schema (It’s an ERP system).

Hi joethejet,

Could you have a try to add prefix with schema name ?

we are still investigating this.


It doesn’t seem to be consistent. Some times it seems fast enough and others it doesn’t come back. I’ll see if I can figure out a pattern.