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dot notation usage killing SQL Nav

So, this morning, all of a sudden, Nav is dieing with an exception. Seems to happen when I try to use dot notation to show me a list of columns.

v7.0.0 2013-05-13 10:00:56 Access violation at address 01792FE1 in module ‘sqlnavigator.exe’. Read of address 00000000

This is an DB.

I think something maybe hosed in the register because it is very unstable right now.

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Here's a picture. I'm pretty much dead in the water with nav right now. May try reinstalling.

deinstalled and reinstalled. Still dies. :frowning:

Wow, it’s basically unusable right now. You guys are going to have to help me here.

my 2 cents… (and it’s worth just 2)

uninstall nav
edit the registry and delete all quest / nav entries
reboot box
reinstall nav

Hopefully this is just for the beta 7

if 6.x then it could be some kind of .net update getting in the way. But that is a pretty far stretch.

Does the . notation work on other tables? Is there something fishy about the table your working on? Maybe a clob or some other strange column added to the table that your not aware of?

Good luck.

Not sure if it affects other versions yet.

I uninstalled the beta (a couple of times)
Deleted registry (just for the beta)

I rebooted after reinstalling, but I don’t think that should be the problem?

When I say dot notation, I mean “Automatic dot lookup”

I’ve disabled that for now, waiting to hear from our Australian friends when they arrive at work on Tuesday.

Hi Joe,

Does it happen on any table, or a particular one? Did reinstallation help? We haven’t seen this problem, dot lookup works very well here. Was it working before for you in 7.0?


Hi Roman,

Every Table.

as stated above, reinstalling didn’t help.

It was working before yesterday.

I think I need to clear out the 7.0 beta COMPLETELY. Can you tell me how to do that? I’m sure it’s something that got completely hosed on my system.

does the Error log entry help at all? If not, maybe you need to put different information in your error log.

I have duplicated this issue here. We have managed to kill nave using dot notation to join tables. After entering the join, kapow! Nav just disappears.

Thankyou to both of you,

I have managed to reproduce this when I have SQL with a JOIN in it.

I have raised PT49970503, we will fix this soon.


Hi Joe

Sounds like you are having issues with all dot lookups. I dont see this, I am able to reproduce it when I use JOINS only at this stage.

If you want to clean out SQLN Nav properly do this:

  1. uninstall nav
  • Uninstall Nav by going to startbar\Quest Software
  • Select ‘Uninstall Quest products’
  • Select SQL Nav 7.0 beta from the list to uninstall.
  1. delete existing SQL navigator profiles
    got to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software
    delete the SQL Navigator 7.0.0 Beta folder

  2. Clean registry

  • Go to regedit
  • Delete folder
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 7.0.0 Beta
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 7.0.0 Beta Shortcuts

After this you should be able to install SQL Nav 7.0 beta again.
When asked to migrate data from previous version select cancel. That way you can eliminate the issue being related to profile migration from previous versions.


Hi Joe and Henry,

We have fixed this issue already, could you please have check and confirm it works well for you too?



Hi Joe and Henry,

Could you please confirm the dot look up work well now with join for you in latest beta build 2933?

Any issue please let us know as soon as possible, thanks. :slight_smile:


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