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Dot Notation with Delete

Doesn’t seem like this works.

If I type

delete table_name t where t.

and wait for the columns to come up, it doesn’t come up. :frowning:

Hi joethejet,

Could you be sure that the table belongs to the current shema? And the SQLNav is 7.3 beta or other version? thanks.



Right syntax should be

delete from table_name t where t.

version is

Shouldn’t matter whether it is in the current schema or not. It works either way for select and should for delete too. However, I was in the owner schema.

Torsten, the syntax I used works too. The from is optional it would appear. However, that IS why it isn’t working. If I put From in there, the dot notation works fine.

Hi joethejet,

Thanks for your feedback, we have created a enhancement(SQLNAV-1932) for you.

Besides, as a temporary alternative solution, you might need to replace “DELETE TABLE” with “DELETE FROM TABLE”, and pls let we know if you have any problem, thanks.