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Dot notation


So when I use dot after a table name, a list pops up, but when I start typing, the list goes away. I expect it to keep what matches what I’ve typed so far in the list. At least this is consistent with JDev and Eclipse.


Hi Joe,

The current behaviour of the Code Completion is when you keep typing, the list will narrow down to the ones that matche what you have typed. Other entries will be discarded.
For example, if I have 3 tables: a, au, aus and I type ‘a’, the list will be populated with all the tables. When I add ‘u’, the list will have ‘au’ and ‘aus’. If I delete ‘u’, the list will go back to ‘a,au,aus’.
Could you please point out the advantages of the other workflow compared to the current one?



It’s not doing what you describe.

Try it for column names on a table instead of table names.



I just tried it. The column names are not sorted but the behaviour is similar. What kind of behaviour did you get, Joe?

Bruce suspected that the column names may contain special characters that mess up the pop up. Please providde some screenshot or the list of column names that you have trouble with. Thanks


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I tested this using v$session, and after typing


…the list of columns appears after a second or so (probably querying all_tab_cols or something).
If you then press the ‘a’ key, for instance, the list of columns disappears for a second or so - noticeably long.
If you wait for the list to reappear and continue typing, the list “blinks” with every key pressed, but one barely notices this.

I appears to me that after the first character of the column is known, the database is again queried for the columns of the table - taking much longer than just pruning the column list…

Edit (reply on Dale’s reply, below): the above was against a database. Against a, I had the same experience as described by Dale. I have no access to an 8 database anymore - and not yet to an 11g one 8-).


What I have Noticed is that on a 10G database it does not work as described above (exactly). If I type “select * from v$session a where a.” in 10G nothing comes up, if I hit ctl-space it brings up the list almost immediately if I type “a” I have to wait a second or 2 or hit ctl-space again after that the popup list remains ac - t - i - o keeps the 2 items in the list. In 8.x it seems to work as described above (as far as I can tell). I no longer have a 9 database to check on. Not sure if this is any help…


yes, that’s it. The wait is so long, I thought the list had gone away. The performance has to be faster on that. Otherwise you don’t even realize the list is still there.



Hi Jet,

Indeed, there was a bug in dot lookup that caused the list to be re-populated whenever you enter a character. The good news is that we already made changes so that when the list is already displayed, it will only be narrowed down (filtered) without re-querying the database. This change will be available in the next build.