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Double Click Line Number


When I double click a line number, the editor jumps to another window, sometimes to the specs sometimes to another editor, once it went to a sql editor and to the spool tab. I closed Nav 6 and brought it back up and it is still doing it…


Hmm, I can’t duplicate this. Maybe more info??



Certainly, do you see the blue dots? it seems to only happen when there are blue dots on the line numbers… I have multiple packages open and an sqleditor all under 1 login. If I double click the blue dot I get a message stating the program unit has not been compiled with debug information. BTW: this message launches in a separate window, it has a box all it’s own on the start bar… but the editor has changed to a different package in the background…

Funny thing, I do not get the blue dots on all packages, so far only one and what a coincidence it happened to be the one I was looking at today. Message was edited by: Lozier

Ok, 1 more thing, I have a dev box in 10G (this is the one with the problem, blue dots that is) the same package on the 2 9I db’s do not have the problem…
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I’m not sure how much it too much, but in the package line 15 is a begin, double click it and it is fine, line 23 is a begin double click it and it takes you to the specs, line 32 is a return, double click it and it takes you to the sql page. Lines 76 and 85 are select statements and they are fine, line 101 is a select statement and it takes me to the sqlplus window spool tab…

I have closed Navigator down again and it still does it, I have found another package that has the blue dots and does the quirky navigation, also seems random in there, no rhyme or reason to the where it goes on double click. I have checked packages that do not have the blue dots and I get the popup, but it does not change navigation…

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Hi Dale,

Thanks a lot for your detailed feedbacks. We managed to reproduce the issue here. The blue dots appear when you compile an object with debug information. (This option can be found under Session menu). As I stated in another thread, the blue dot marks the line that you can put in breakpoint. With SQL layout, it marks the beginning of a SQL statement and when you double click on the line it brings the cursor to the associated result tab. Nav gets confused between the two that’s why it jumps to different tabs.
We haved fixed the bug in our internal build.
For the time being, you can choose to compile the objects without having the “Include debug info” ON to avoid this problem.



I clicked the button you showed and got the attached message. I checked the extract and all my user has is execute, but I do have access to dba views.


I think you replied to the wrong thread. :smiley: Anyway, we fixed the problem with the blue dots so it would be great if you can confirm the fix for us. THanks


Is that what happened. Yes the blue dot double click is working.