Drag and drop from Project Manager to Editor

For some time when i try and drag a query from the Project manager into the Editor nothing happens. It looks like it’s going to allow it with a small box below the arrow cursor, but the query never makes it.

Is this a known issue?

Version 4.3

Double clicking into a new editor window is not often desired as this often kills my full connection and any running queries in other windows. I attribute that to Oracle kicking me off for trying to open too many connections but I really don’t know.

I have entered a jira number(QAT-13705) for our dev to look at.

Lyla Su

I looked quickly at this. the project manager is not coded to drag and drop into an open editor. It is only supposed to doubel click to open. i would rather understand what you mean about being kicked off with too many connections. When you double click it opens an editor with new connection which is the same as if you opened the file from file open. Does your DBA limit the number of sessions you use? please provide detail of what happens when double clicking.

Thanks. Dragging from Project manager in the same way you can from Snippets would be nice to have not to mention intuitive.

Yes, we are limited to a small number of sessions and I attribute the issue to that. Whether opening a new window by dbl clicking a *.sql file or from project manager many times any and all queries will stop and the connection lost. There are times when TDP allows a new editor to be opened, but then will not run the query and give a message at bottom similar to “last (something or other) remembered” yet the connections on the other editors is not lost. This losing connection is a bit random. I just now opened 5 editors and ran queries no problem. Sometimes launching a *.sql with just one editor open will cause any live windows to stop and lose the connection. In the end, I don’t consider this a TDP specific issue. Thanks for your reply.

It sounds like you have all Database Exceptions turned off to show only in the footer. If you want to work a little deeper on this you might want to go to the Options and turn back on all notifications to pop-ups so you can see more of what is occurring. It sounds like you have database restrictions to not only number of sessions you use but also how long they can be left idle. We try to reopen the connections when needed but depending on the database type there can be issues with reusing old connections.