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Drag and drop tables


Why does it take 30+ seconds to drag and drop tables between schemas in the same database instance?



Specific steps please!


Gosh, I thought this was pretty obvious.

Open two DB navigators to different schemas. Grab a table and pull it to the other navigator.

Hope this helps,



I was dragging and dropping tables from current schema to another schema under ‘Other Schemas’ node and didn’t see any issue. Clearly you did something different so I couldn’t afford to make assumption. Anyway, It does lag a little bit and I’m not sure why. I will log this in. Thanks for the feedbacks.




Did you have two sessions open and two navigators?



Yes. If there’re 2 sessions and 2 navigator trees, I can see that it lags when I drag and drop. I already logged this bug. If there’s one session only, it’s hardly noticeable.