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Drag & Drop Database name to editor only has one option so why ask?


In Toad 6 it looks like there’s a new feature whereby if you drop an object name from the object browser to the editor window, a pop-up menu appears with options like:

  • Insert Name
  • Select Statement
  • Insert Statement
  • etc.

That’s great when the object you drag has more than one option and you’re interested in choosing one of them.

Two specific points of feedback however:

  1. I find it a bit annoying when I’m dragging an object like a database name which has only one option: “Insert Name”.

If there’s only one option, then why make me choose? Just do the insert name. Now instead of one click I have to do two clicks.

  1. I’d like a way to drag and drop objects and always just get the Insert Name.
    Could you have a right-click and drag and drop that just always inserts name?
    Or maybe make the new feature work off the right-click and drag and have the left click and drag be the new menu option?



Hi Darren,
thank you for your attention. Will try to tune this to be more smart :slight_smile: CR108491 created.