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Drag&Drop Table



When I want to drag&drop a table name from Object Explorer to the Editor, Toad
hangs for a while and it takes almost a whole minute to finish. Why does such a
simple task takes so much time?

Other than that, when I drag&drop multiple tables to editor, they get appended
w/o space or comma. I think it would be a reasonable behavior if Toad
automatically puts a JOIN between them. or at least a space/comma. …



I am getting the following when I am comparing schemas:

The output file area is greyed out but it will not let me pass without entering
an output file. Why?

I wish to do the changes immediately, not write them to a file.

Is this a known problem?


Jon Lacey

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Hi Jon,

This is some sort of known issue. Next beta drop it should be resolved. Sorry
for inconvenience.