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Duplicate id of packages


After installing package and then without uninstalling the previous version first, I cannot start TDM3 anymore.

Message box appears:

Duplicate id of packages “Comvert MS05 to MS05” and “Convert MS05 to MS05”!

Remove one of the following files:

Which file should I remove ?
Should I expect any more of these message boxes after deleting one of those files ?



I recommend you to uninstall the BETA first. - This is written in the download instructions.

Then install the latest version again. - New system packages will be loaded properly.




Yes, but even when I uninstalled it , and then installed , the problem was the same.

I checked the install directory and there was one file left. “ConvertMS05MS05.txg”.

This answers my question.


Please delete the “ConvertMS05MS05.txg” package. Now it should work properly.

(Note: This file was renamed to ConvertMSMS.txg. Now we’re trying to find out how it happened that the old file remained in your package… It seems to work properly for us… Anyway, we’ll verify it. Thanks.)



I see it happened this way:

I installed zip 006 (with old file name of that script).

Then I installed zip 007 (with new file name of script)

This process replaced also install log, and therefore uninstall no more contained information about old filename.

Uninstalled 007, which deleted all files from 007. But as there was no info about the old file, it stayed in the file structure.

After new install of 007, and each new install of 007 there still was the old file. And as suppose TDM3 reads all scripts in that directory, it detected duplicate content in two different files.

Installation wizard could check for existing files, I think.


Hi again,

Finally we’ve found out that we need to make some changes in system packages.

Please download TDM Beta 3.0.10 with new build 145 from:




After a clean install today, I get the error

Duplicate ID of Packages “MyPackage” and “MyPackage”

Remove one of the files My Package.txg user.txg
I found My Package.txg in the Packages/User directory. There is no user.txg file.


Hello all who get this error,

Duplicate ID of Packages “MyPackage” and “MyPackage”

For Beta version 3.0.6, user.txg file was renamed to My Package.txg.
Some of you may have noticed this change and followed the Beta Installation Instructions.
Those who did not, need to make some modifications now.
(In the latest Beta, check out for .txg files has been implemented – this is why the error appeared suddenly.)

Please do the following provided that:

A: You have NOT modified user.txg file – it means, you have not edited forms and frames, you have not modified scripts and metamodels etc.

What to do: Simply delete the user.txg package.

B: You have modified user.txg file.

What to do:

  1. Delete My Package.txg.
  2. Rename your user.txg to My Package.txg.
  3. Open the package in any text editor and replace:
    My Package

The problem will be solved then.

Note: The packages can be found e.g. at:
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler\Packages{DCB5CB9B-CF65-4350-86B5-285D246FC5AC}\

In case of any problems, please write me back. Thanks.





I have uninstalled previous Beta version and installed Toad Data modeller “TDM-3-1-1-166-beta-setup.msi” I have receive the some error when I load Toad Date Modeller.
Duplicate ID of Packages “MyPackage” and “MyPackage”
I have tried to follow the instruction you written above. but still have the some problem.

I tried to delete the folder in My Document, and install it again and follow the instruction you have written above.

Can this problem be fix in next beta?

Please let me know if you want me to explain more

Many thanks




I have solved the problem now. Sorry about the previous post, Solution A works for me, but solution B is not.

Many thanks



Hello Chi,

Happy to hear you’ve managed to solve the problem.
Concerning to the solutions: either A or B should be done - provided that you modified the application on your own in the past or not.

Anyway, important is that it works properly for you now.

In case of any troubles or questions, please do not hesitate to write me.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile: