I have oracle E-business, please i need to know the benefits from Toad intelligence central in my work? if this tool will help me in analysis my data or what?

I didn’t find any screenshot for this tool


Hi - Good question. Can you offer a bit more insight into your actual interaction with the eBiz suite? Which specific module, what your data analysis needs are, what your specific role etc? I will offer you some insight into our app using an example and you can give me specifics on your use case to elaborate.

I used to work as a process engineer (5 years ago) and used quite a bit of Oracle WIP. Transactional data from the forms is stored into a backend database (Oracle DB) and we had access to the database through an application on intranet. Now the challenge here was that as a module owner, I had to merge data from the applications (Oracle WIP), static tables (SCM), transactions (WIP), raw material supplier information (also SCM), machine logs (delimited files from machines), spreadsheets (process parameters that I had created on my desktop) etc. In such cases, the only solution for me was to painstakingly copy every dataset into a spreadsheet, and VLOOKUP my way through to get a comprehensive report on Yield metrics. Process repeated for daily, weekly, and monthly yield reports

Toad Intelligence Central is a server based application to help you securely streamline analysis data, manage reporting scripts, centralize the queries and files required to generate reports. TIC has built in optimizations to handle cross connections queries (read as: table 1 in Oracle and table 2 in SQL Server and assuming a key column exists, you could join these two tables in a single query in TIC) . TIC has a connector into Boomi so if you are using Boomi for application integration, you could take data from your apps through Boomi and stage in TIC for data federation. In my example above, Toad Intelligence central would help in many different capacities-

  1. As a one click business datamart, where I could materialize or virtualize these datasets to be refreshed at a desired frequency - so source data is not so scattered but more managed and streamlined and visible to IT

  2. Using the client application Toad Data Point, I could construct a cross connection query, massage the data to remove NULLS, add calculations like percentages etc and publish the data back into TIC

  3. Process in step 2 can be automated and TIC can execute the queries on your behalf for different refresh rates and frequencies

  4. Once data is in TIC, it can be visualized through any free tool like Toad Viewer or popular apps like excel or Qlik

  5. Because TIC can work with your Active Directory, your data can be secured at the object level so only designated users can access the data.

All of the TIC setup and configuration is a single wizard driven process for teams of analysts, can be installed on server hardware or a windows based VM. Creating tables with flexible structure, publishing scripts etc is a breeze. Toad Data Point our client solution offers graphical interface to helps less savvy SQL scripters to write complex queries and advanced data transformations

If you want to discuss your specific use case, you are welcome to post here some details or reach me at sreevani_abbaraju@dell.com

Thanks a lot for your reply

I have SCM & HCM and need to now how to share their data to TIC

and how to analysis these data from TIC and how to make query from it from different sources?


Do you have access to the backend DB? If yes,

  1. You would install latest versions of Toad Data Point and Intelligence Central.

  2. Using Toad Data Point client , establish connectivity to your backend database

  3. Using Toad Data Point, establish connectivity to rest of your datasources (like spreadsheets etc, if you have any)

  4. Visually create a cross connection query using a common key column

  5. Publish the query or the actual output on TIC

  6. Secure your data on TIC using TIC integration with AD

Alternatively -

  1. Install TDP and TIC latest versions

  2. Using the SQL editor in TDP or TIC Admin console, you can snapshot your source data as a table into TIC

  3. From TDP, connect to datasets in TIC as datasource and create a query and work that way to share your reports in Excel or inside TIC

Thanks for your reply

what the benefits from integration with DC

and I understand that TIC for sharing only not make any analysis on Data, am i right?

Hi Could you please inform me where TIC store the share data?

TIC has a built in data hub based on MySQL, data that is materialized is stored as MySQL tables.