Edit Permission... Functions

It seems to me that Function objects are second-class citizens in Toad’s eyes. You can’t create a new one or grant permissions on one, contrary to its upper-class sibling, the Procedure. What’s the deal?

Windows XP, SQL Anywhere 11 (

Hello Larry,

Full function support has not been implemented for SQL Anywhere. We have CR 104,942 for this.


Ok, Michael. Thanks for entering the Change Request ticket. I realize my rantings have been on the little things. Toad can do so much, but sometimes you have to step back and look at how the small shop (on a budget) works. We need a tool that can help us with our day-to-day development; looking at database objects, looking at result sets, creating new objects, and altering those objects. The items that I mentioned are, to me, conspicuously absent. Maybe the development team was too busy looking at the whiz-bang functionality and forgot about the core needs. Just my $.02. But wait! There’s more…

We have been using Sybase Central up till now with a few complaints. Overall, it can do everything we need but without the polish that Toad offers. Things like syntax checking, SQL formatting, auto-completion. This is what is sorely missed in Sybase Central. However, when I ask to create a function or procedure, I’m presented with a default template. Necessary? No. Nice? Yes. And when a function of procedure is altered, an ALTER statement is generated, not a DROP, CREATE. This seems like no one thought about the consequences of dropping a procedure and the loss of permissions.

Are we still going to purchase Toad for Sybase? Yes. I had the PO held up until I could get answers to my concerns. You’ve answered two of them. The rest are wait-and-see, I guess. Nonetheless, I’ll submit the PO in time to still receive the promotional discounts. I’m just a little disappointed, though.

Hello Larry,

I am very sorry to say that Toad uses the same command ‘drop then recreate’ in IQ/SA when you are trying to alter a View/Procedure/Function because Alter command for these database objects are not supported in ASE and we miss the command differences between these platforms.

For IQ/SA, Toad should use Alter command to alter View/Procedure/Function.

For ASE, as these commands are not supported and I think the authority one user has to alter these objects should be sa_role or dba or object owner, so Toad should read the permissions info from system tables and insert these data into one template table then re-grant the permissions after re-create this object.

I hope this problem can be fixed ASAP.

CR 104966 has been entered. Thanks.