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Edit user form / quota



One small suggesion with quota tab in edit user form, when user has “unlimited tablespace” granted, you can not add new quota , buttons are inactive,that is needed, but it would be helpfult to add extra info - why buttons are inactive. Something like label “user has unlimited tablespace prvilege granted” next to inactive buttons.
Think about it
Regards Piter


Hi Piter,

We have overlooked this…Thanks for pointing it out.

In our design, we thought that it makes sense to disable the Quota button if you have been granted the Unlimited Tablespace. However, I could see now the confusion might occur when you have many in the list and Unlimited Tablespace is not so obvious, so from the user point of view, you could not work out why the Quota button is disabled…

We will raise a request for this as per your request. I will discuss with our QA team tomorrow whether we could get this in for you in 5.5 release…Will keep you posted.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks Bruce, of course you can show/hide this tab instead of displaying message.