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Editing a script


In some situations you may want to combine all of the transactions from multiple user scenarios into one user scenario. If only a few transactions need to be moved, use the copy and paste or drag and drop method to move the transactions. However this may become cumbersome when moving a large number of transactions. Since the script file is in an XML format it is possible to edit the xml directly to combine the user scenarios together.

  1. Make a back up copy of the script to work with, then make sure the user scenarios have unique names that are easy to find when performing a text search.
  2. Change the backup file extension to xml.
  3. Open the file in an XML Editor that will let you save changes to the file, Notepad will work but an XML Editor will format the file and make it much easier to read.
  4. Search for the name of the User Scenarios you would like to change. The transactions within a user scenario begin with and end with . However the Children keyword is used in other sections of the xml as well so be very careful with your selections. Once the transactions have been identified, copy the section and paste it into the desired user scenario.
  5. Save your changes and rename the file with a BFP extension.
  6. Open in Benchmark Factory and verify that the desired changes have been made.
  • Note: When I tested this procedure, I had a script with only three user scenarios that I combined into one, I found it easier to remove the second and third user scenario header information by deleting the section between and . This caused the transactions to be added to the bottom of the first user scenario.
  • Note2: If the timing of the transaction executions is important to the test, the latency values will need adjusted accordingly.