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Editing Export Templates


When trying to edit the SQL in export templates the first attempt fails (whether this is a copy and paste or a delete). The first keypress seems to be ignored. After this the SQL can be edited as usual.


To Spligosh:

Welcome back to Toad World! I regret I was unable to reproduce the issue. Please review my reproduction steps to see if I understood your scenario correctly:

  1. Launch Toad Data Point Beta

  2. Open an automation script (.tas) file which already contains an export wizard template

  3. Select the Export Activity in the Automation Script

  4. Edit the Export Template (this will open up the Data Export Wizard)

  5. Select the action in the Export objects list then push Edit

  6. Click on the “Query:” text box to enable editing

  7. Do a Keystroke.

Let me know if there are any additional items that I failed to consider.

I look forward to your response,

-Joshua Liong


Hi Joshua, thanks for your response. What you have described above is exactly what I am doing, however, the first click and keystroke do nothing. It is only on a second click that the keystroke has any effect.


To Spligosh:

I double checked using the latest beta build,, and was still unable to reproduce it.

Feel free to try the latest beta build if you have not already. Let me know if the behavior changes.…/22155.aspx

-Joshua Liong


I am using the latest Beta build (2898) and I have this problem regardless of the build. Could it be something to do with the fact that I am remote connecting to the server on which TDP sits?


To spligosh:

I tried using the beta build on through a remote connection to a Windows 7 virtual machine. I was unable to encounter an issue using the same reproduction steps in a similar environment.

-Joshua Liong


Could this be a congifuration thing then? Do I need to change a setting somewhere?