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Editioning Views support expected?



Is there any special support for Editioning Views (11g r2) to be expected?

For instance:
a new object in the search/tree/etc?
a new object wizard? (including the triggers creation wizard)


PS: BTW will there other support for Edition-Based Redefinition (when enabled of course)?
For instance (note that some of this things are very easy to do by hand but… :wink: ):

  • list of all editions
  • easy way to create editions
  • allow to specify in view-differences the edition to which we want to check the object
  • maybe in the EBR supported objects have a quick way to check differences with a different version of the object :slight_smile:

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Hi Filipe,

We haven’t got any plan for this yet. I will log a CR as per request.



Thanks for you answer

Of course my request would also extend to editioning triggers :slight_smile:


Sure thing.