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Eliminate the sync checkbox in the excel down load of a compare?

How do you eliminate the sync checkbox in the excel down load of a compare?

If you can not do this manually… Toad development team - please, please change this “feature” of the excel download. The check boxes are graphics and require a lot of memory to export/download. I did ONE table and exceeded memory of over 4gbs.

Who would need this check box in a download? really.

Can you post a screenshot? I am not sure what checkbox you are talking about.

Hi Debbie - I was finally able to do an export and the boxes are gone. I am still having a problem exporting. I keep getting an error. Even when I select only the different records it still exceeds the memory. With all the corporate stuff running, email, and Lync, I have over 4gb of memory.

How many rows are you dealing with? And how many columns?

Hi Debbie - This is a relatively small compare to some that I do. approximate 35k reocrds and 11 columes.

I also noticed this still exports to xls. It would be helpfull to ecport to xlsx.

Yes, the export should be updated to xlsx. 35, rows with 11 columns should be fine with the memory you unless there are some very large columns. Can you open a support case so we can gather the error stack and additional data needed to address this issue?