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Enable Trace option in logon form.


Is that option working?? I did’n observed any trace files, afther connecting using this option. Of course alter session

set sql_trace=true works properly.

By the way before setting sql_trace=true, you could use tracefile_identifier setting from interface.
Than alter session set tracefile_identifier=…

An looking for tracefiles will be easier!

Regards Piter.


Hi Piter,

We are not aware of any issues with the Trace option in the login screen. Will check for you and will get back to you later.

Have to tried using the Trace option in the Preference, it can be found under General->Session in the Preference window. You can turn the Trace option on and specify the trace level as well. Please let us know if this Trace option works for you.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Bruce!
I checked tracing with option in session preferences. I didn’t noticed trace file generated for session.
Check this maybe i do something wrong?
I thought that This option enables sql_trace parameter, if not let me know.



By the way, if trace option is enabled in pref., and you open sqlnav, there is a warning
WARNING: Session Trace preference is ON. This will significantly slow down all database access operations in subsequent sessions.
It’s very useful, but this message shows only when output window is opened. So i suggest open output window in this situation as default.


Hi Piter,

Sorry for late reply on this. Trace file works for me on my envi…Will need to look into this further for you. Will try to get back to you later. Might need to check with the team on this…

Regarding the Message in Output window, There are 3 preferences under General->User Interface->Auto Show Output Window. You have full control on the behaviour of the Output window. If you want to bring the output upfront for this messge (which is aan information type), please tick Information check box.

Thanks and regards,


Now it’s clear. I forgot about this setting with output.
Bruce can you describe how did you test tracing? Then i can do the same steps on my nav.


Hi Piter,

I just turn on the Trace option in the preference and I can see all my trace navlog*.log file in my document settings user profile, ie. C:\Documents and Settings\bduong\Application Data\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 5.5.0 Beta.

Can you please check in your user profile document settings and see any navlog*.log in there?



Now i understand, about tracing i thought that this is oracle tracing, not sqlnav tracing.
Of course as you said sqlnav tracing works ok.
By the way smart button enables/disables ORACLE SQL_TRACE could be useful, of course with trace identifier as I said earlier.

Thanks and Regards Piter.