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enable vi commands in the editor


I don’t know about the rest of the world, but vi is my life. I love this editor and have been using it over 15 years. When you have to make a lot of changes fast in a text file, vi is the way to go.

Do you think you can enable vi commands to be used in the sql nav editor? Even some sed commands to enable editing?

Unix good, windows bad

I would bet most of your largest customers use vi a lot because the largest oracle environments are probably on some version of unix.


Hi Henry,

Could you provide some examples or a “top 10” list of the vi features you would like us to implement? This would help us to estimate the effort involved.

Thank you,


vi commands



:%s/^/stuff your entering for the beginning of a line
:%s/$/stuff your entering for the end of a line

All the stuff used for find and replace

Gui bad, command line good

Able to “drive around” the text file with j,k,h,l commands
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make all these commands work in the editor.

Also keep the gui stuff for the people that like gui.

How’s that for specific?
vi_cheat_sheet.pdf (61.2 KB)


Hi Henry,

CR 12917 has been created for you. I will let you know after CCB to what release it was scheduled.



What is CCB?


CCB is our weekly meeting to discuss all raised CRs. The next one will be either today or on Thursday.



Hi Henry,

Your ER has been accepted. However, due to the high amount of work we already have for 6.6, our CCB has decided to postpone it until one of the future releases.