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Encoding for DDL Script generation


DDL Scripts seems to be generated with UTF-8 encoding!?

It would be nice to be able to configure the encoding.
Or do I miss a hidden configuration and it is already possible?

E.g. DbVisualizer has great encoding support for Import and Export table contents…



Hi Andreas,

Please select Settings | Options | Physical Model | General tab | SQL Script area | the Encoding Used for SQL Scripts combo-box. Select the encoding you prefer.




Thanx for the hint, but the list is short with ANSI/utf8/unicode.
What is ANSI?
I would expect some more commonly used like CP1252, IBM850 e.g.



Hello Andreas,

TDM works with unicode characters (ucs2).
Let me quote:
“Windows APIs are built around two types of text strings, ANSI and UNICODE. The UNICODE charset (Wide Char) is pretty straight-forward because it is not affected by what the locale settings and language are. The ANSI charset always supports the 128 ASCII values, but can have different ways of utilizing the high bit of the byte to support additional characters. In single-byte charsets, the upper 128 values are assigned to the additional characters like European accented characters, Cyrillic or Greek characters. In East Asian double-byte charsets, special lead byte values in the upper 128 are followed by a second byte to complete the character. “Double-byte” is actually a misleading term because characters in double-byte strings can use either one or two bytes. An ANSI charset is implemented as a “code page” which specifies the encoding system for that charset.
The ANSI charset used by the computer changes according to the locale the computer is configured to.”

Hope this helps.

If you have any questions, please write us back. Thanks.


Vladka + Daril