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When you use the “end” key, you shouldn’t go to the end of the white space on the line, you should go to the end of the last thing typed.


It’s unclear what’s the standard behaviour should be. Words, notepad++ behave like sqlnav but delphi is different. I guess an enhancement request can be raised.



Yes, you’re right.

I guess I think as a programmer, you want to go to the end of where you stopped typing. However, you’re right in that tools like Word go to the end of the white space.

One big difference however, if you do a Ctrl-left arrow, Word will take you to the end of the typing. Maybe that’s a good enough compromise?




Ctrl + “End” is standard key combination what moves cursor at end of text. Probably it is better to use Alt + “End” :slight_smile:

		Thank you


Alt-end doesn’t do anything in Sql Nav.