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Endless loop


I have been re-implementing a function, because I had some new and improved ideas to make it better (and faster). Using CodeTester I could make sure that my old cases would still be successful. During the development process I found myself creating code that resulted in endless loops. When testing CodeTester didn’t return with results because of this. It would be nice to be able to kill the test session other than using an IDE to kill the session. Either CodeTester should be able to detect an endless loop, or testing should be done in a different thread so I can kill the testsession from within CodeTester.
It’s probably hard for CodeTester to detect an endless loop, because there can be quite lengthy processes that need to be tested or you can be testing on a rather slow database, but maybe you can specify a timeout for a test, after which CodeTester could kill the current test.
Looking forward to any ideas and/or enhancements.

Kindest regards,
Patrick Barel


Good idea, Patrick. I will add this to the ER list for upcoming releases.