Enhance Used By with PL/Scope?

Have you looked at whether PL/Scope information could be used within TOAD? I’d be particularly interested in whether the Used By data could be enhanced to include additional PL/Scope information (if available).

What I’d really like to see on the Used By tab of TOAD is how a package is used by another package (not just that it is). For example, is the reference to a procedure/function call or a package variable perhaps. Would PL/Scope provide us with that detail and could it be easily (and efficiently) added to the Used By result set?

As you can see, I’ve not had a chance to play with it myself so I’m wondering if anyone else has looked at PL/Scope and how we might be able to start enhancing TOAD to take advantage of this additional information.


OK, I’ve had a bit of a play with it and it’s not perfect. I don’t think its easily queried and would likely result in too big a performance hit on the Used By results (due mainly to the recursive structure of the data). I’d be happy to be proved wrong though. :slight_smile:

I’d be just as happy with being able to view the results from ALL_SOURCE where the line(s) of code was LIKE my referenced package. An option to fetch extended results in the Uses/Used By tab perhaps?

It’s a popular idea at least:


Querying _Identifiers, using “start with/connect by” is nearly instantaneous in SQLPlus. I would really like a graphical representation of the result to facilitate comprehension of the flow, filtering for specific objects / subobjects, and a few utilities, such as auditing for global variables used only in one subobject. Has anything been done in this direction?