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Enhancement request - difference report


23-Feb-2011 16:48:27

There are times my users ask me to move a proc or a package but there are no differences between their schema and the target schema. You have a cool popup button that says “no differences found” but the report does not say so.

Can you modify the differences report to show there are no differences when the target and source are the same? It would be a big help. We depend on the differences report to validate that the DBA’s did the job as requested and what time that job was done. This helps us to document our work while we work.

Thanks for your help.

Comparison of PROCEDURE .<sp_Name> on mydb.WORLD and PROCEDURE .<sp_Name> on mydb.WORLD****


Hi Henry,

We will try to add it to the report for you as per request in the next Beta drop.

Thanks and regards,